Spain's Princess Cristina acquitted, her husband jailed for fraud


Spain’s Princess Cristina, the sister of King Felipe, has been cleared by a court in Majorca in a fraud trial.

Her husband however, Inaki Urdangarin, has been sentenced to six years and three months in jail .

#UPDATE Princess Cristina of Spain cleared in tax fraud case, husband gets jail sentence of six years t.co/vSuduuX9Tg pic.twitter.com/8ugguUlpvz- AFP news agency (@AFP) February 17, 2017

Despite her acquittal she has to pay a EUR265,000 fine as she has a civil responsibility for benefiting from the crime, even if she was unaware of the misdemeanour.

Her lawyer, Miquel Roca braved the media scrum:”As you can imagine, I have told her the verdict and she was satisfied, but very upset about her husband, she thinks it is unfair because she believes and has always believed that her husband is innocent.”

In the capital Madrid the verdicts were being digested:
“It depends on who commits the crime, justice should be handed to one that commits the crime. I think there was pressure to absolve her,” said one man.

Spanish Court acquits Princess Cristina of Tax fraud;Her husband,Inaki Urdangarin sentenced to 6 years in prison pic.twitter.com/OFQeJyWZh2- Doordarshan News (@DDNewsLive) February 17, 2017

For one woman the sentence was too lenient:”It’s a bit light. It was no surprise to me that the princess was acquitted, I expected that, but the six years for her husband, that’s not much is it.”

BREAKING: Princess Cristina walks free. I~naki Urdangarin given six years and three months. #CasoNoos pic.twitter.com/7ryABDH4d7- The Local Spain (@TheLocalSpain) February 17, 2017

King Felipe was in Budapest with his wife Queen Letizia when the verdicts were handed down.

The legal team has five days to lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court.
Spain's Princess Cristina acquitted, her husband jailed for fraud




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